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RufCut Pictures

About Us

RufCut Pictures was founded by Producer/Actor, Matthew Ruf and Rori Beja--a longtime makeup artist and actor within the business.  RufCut may be the New Kid on the Block, but its team is certainly not.  With over 40 years of combined experience within the industry (working in Theatre, Television, and Film) our team possess the capability of presenting some cutting edge, original, and--most of all--passionate storytelling for our audience.

In 2019, Matthew Ruf produced and wrote the award-winning short-film, he110--following the tale of James as he attempts to navigate the new world of social media, online dating, and texting.  Currently, RufCut Pictures has some buns in the oven, collaboration with other artists and entertainers.  Keep checking in to see what's coming soon to your living room.

The Founders

The Producers at RufCut

Matthew_Ruf__034 (Vertical).jpg

Matthew Ruf

CEO/Head of Production


Rori Beja

Head of Development


Fritz Frauendorf

Head of Post-Production

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