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Jersey Birdies Auditions

Maria fights to save her late-sister's softball team, the Jersey Birdies, from being kicked out by the league council while struggling with her own issues of anxiety, relationships, and family life.

Self Tape Submission Deadline:         Sunday, May 19, 2024

Audition Callbacks:                              Sunday, June 2, 2024 in Manchester, NJ

Required Table Reading:                     Sunday, June 9, 2024 in Manchester, NJ

Rehearsal Period:                                 June 9 - July 9, 2024 @ TBD

Filming July 10 - July 19, 2024 throughout Central Jersey.  Looking for local Union & Nonunion talent.  Possible pay (Deferred Percentage of Net Profits).

Character Breakdowns

Maria Romanelli

FEMALE          LEAD          AGE: 35-40    

Maria puts a lot of pressure on herself to be everyone's caretaker which is a detriment to her own mental health, leading to her anxiety. MARIA SIDES DOWNLOAD

Lily Romanelli-King

FEMALE          SUPPORTING          AGE: 40-45       

Maria's sister who died in a tragic accident.  Her character is revealed through flashbacks.. LILY SIDES DOWNLOAD

"Little Pat" Romanelli-King

MALE          SUPPORTING          AGE: 5       

Maria's nephew.  Loves sugar, scooters, and cheering on the Jersey Birdies.

 ***For "Little Pat" self-tape auditions, have your child tell us about their favorite toy.  Keep the video under 3 minutes.***

Leaf Romanelli-King

MALE          SUPPORTING          AGE: 7-10      

Maria's nephew.  Loves mountain dew, and teasing his sister. LEAF SIDES DOWNLOAD.

Skye Romanelli-King

FEMALE         SUPPORTING          AGE: 7-10      

Maria's niece.  Her bedroom is a shrine to the Jersey Birdies softball team.  She even made her own Jersey Birdies Barbie. SKYE SIDES DOWNLOAD

Pasquale Romanelli

MALE          SUPPORTING          AGE: 70-80         

Maria's father who owns Gabagool's, the Romanelli family restaurant.  Loves Italian food, baseball, and telling everyone who will listen about Brandon Garcia. PASQUALE SIDES DOWNLOAD

Kim Owens

FEMALE          SUPPORTING          AGE: 30-50          

Jersey Birdies Pitcher.  The Bert to Sue's Ernie. She's always working to keep Sue in check so they don't end up getting their ass kicked. KIM SIDES DOWNLOAD

Sue Lee

FEMALE          SUPPORTING          AGE: 30-50       

Jersey Birdies Catcher.  The Ernie to Kim's Bert.  Sue has a quintessential Jersey attitude and can dish out insults to the other team at a mile a minute. SUE SIDES DOWNLOAD

Carmen Rios

FEMALE          SUPPORTING          AGE: 25-40

Jersey Birdies Third Base-woman.  She's a model whose more interested in the men in the stands. CARMEN SIDES DOWNLOAD

Agnes Silverstein

FEMALE          SUPPORTING          AGE: 22-28

Jersey Birdies Outfielder.  Hippy type, who wants nothing more than to spread love to everybody with everything she does. AGNES SIDES DOWNLOAD

Linda Torren

FEMALE          SUPPORTING          AGE: 35-50

The Jersey Birdies Coach.  She's a "supermom" type who looks much too prim and proper to be on the softball field - polo shirt, pearls, bob. LINDA SIDES DOWNLOAD

Pat Romanelli

MALE          SUPPORTING          AGE 28-33

Maria's younger brother who plays video games, works at his family restaurant, and lives at home. PAT SIDES DOWNLOAD

Brandon Garcia

MALE          SUPPORTING          AGE: 35-40     

Maria's ex-boyfriend & former Yankees pitcher returning to town. BRANDON SIDES DOWNLOAD


FEMALE          SUPPORTING          AGE: 35-40

Tall & fit.  Totally full of herself.  Queen of back-handed compliments. Maria's boyfriend's (Joey) coworker. LARA SIDES DOWNLOAD

Priya Verma

FEMALE          FEATURED         AGE: 30-50

The Jersey Birdies Shor-stop.  One of the better players on the team.  When she isn't crushing it on the field, she's saving lives at the local hospital.  No sides.  Just send headshot and resume to

Brianna Brown

FEMALE          FEATURED          AGE: 18-25

The Jersey Birdies bookworm that rides the bench most of the time.  Takes her studying very seriously.  No sides.  Just send headshot and resume to

Haley Smith

FEMALE          FEATURED          AGE: 18-25

Jersey Birdies outfielder--well when she isn't doing keg stands at the frat house.  No sides.  Just send headshot and resume to

Jenna Washington

FEMALE          FEATURED         AGE: 18-25

Jersey Birdies outfielder but most of the time she is joining Haley at the killer frat party.  No sides.  Just send headshot and resume to


Please upload your headshot, resume, and self-tape video file to google drive.  Mention any known conflict days for the rehearsal and filming period in your self-tape video.  Then, share your files with


Upload a recent picture, and a video introducing yourself to Google Drive.  If you have a video of you playing/coaching, please upload that as well (not required).  Then, share your files with

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